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Gun Porn

Posted in Gun Porn, Jokes on March 7, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

[Thanks to Anti Idiotarian Rottweiler]

Warning don’t click the link if, you are a gun hating Pansie or a European.

Ok, The Emperor does it again in this hysterical post called “Guns Gone Wild.”


Fun Stuff : Bash The French

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Thanks to Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Let’s have some fun and bash the french, Why are we doing this now? They haven’t really done anything that outrageously  stupid or Anti-American lately. Fact is we just can help it, bashing the French is just plain fun. So take this you cheese sucking fudge packers…

An elderly English gentleman of 83 arrived in Paris by plane.

At the French immigration desk, the man took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry-on bag.

“You have been to France before, monsieur?” the Immigration officer asked, sarcastically.

The elderly gentleman admitted he had been to France previously.

“Then you should know well enough to have your passport ready.”

The English gentleman says, “The last time I was here, I didn’t have to show it.”

“Impossible. All Englishmen have to show their passports on arrival in France!”

The elderly gentleman gave the French Immigration Officer a long hard look.

“Well, the last time I was here, it was June 6th 1944 and I came ashore on Juno Beach. I couldn’t find any fucking Frenchmen to show it to!”

Seems I have seen this one before only the hero of the story is a pre-feminized, uncastrated American male. Anyway its still funny.

How Safe Are Britain’s Streets?

Posted in Eurocide, Jokes, PC Bullshit, RKBA with tags on January 31, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

Ok this is hilarious: a BBC radio reporter Shelagh Fogarty was threatened with a gun in Liverpool while doing a special to find out “how safe are Britain’s streets.”

Wait a minute, aren’t the British supposed to have gun control?

“I was in Liverpool filming a programme regarding Jacqui Smith’s” (Who is The UK Home Secretary by the way) “comments about not feeling safe on the streets on her own and testing out the theory really with how other people felt. “

“While filming in Norris Green, an area of her home town Liverpool, a car slowed down as it past her, wound down a window and a gun was pointed directly at her.”

Shocking! could it be that the criminals in Liverpool ( as well as the rest of the UK) didn’t give up their guns?

Once again we see the fallacy of gun control, The UK has the some of the most repressive gun control measures in the world, and yet, criminals still have guns in the UK. The only people who don’t have them are honest law abiding citizens who like a band of sheep surrendered their guns to the government.

Truly a sorry situation.

I suppose I should have sympathy for the Brits, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps its a bit unfair of me, but I feel The Brits brought this on themselves….Nah! I ain’t in to fair, They voted for these socialists, why; is it that men are truly incapable of freedom? Or are the Brits just a bunch of lazy morons who bought into the socialist’s pie in the sky bullshit.

Servile idiots

Forget something…

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A singer named Fergie? who used to be with something called the ‘black eyed peas;’ where do they come up with these names? Anyway, this character is down in Wellington New Zealand and it seems she forgot to check something before going on stage. See if you can spot it.


And these people think they are qualified to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

Oh yea someone just reminded me this Fergie character is the same one who pissed herself on stage singing something called “Lets Get Retarded,” that sounds romantic.


Maybe she should come up with a song entitled “Where are my Depends.”

Nasty, Mean-spirited, Unfair…You bet!

Fun with mao

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Uh Oh! French car maker Citroen is in hot water with the chicoms over an advertisement showing an altered photo of genocidal chicom dictator mao zedong (who will never, never have his name spelled correctly here!) .

“The image has been wantonly distorted by the ad’s designers. Mao looks very strange,” Yes genocidal lunatics with the blood of at least 20 million dead on their hands usually do look strange.

“…The scowling Mao had infuriated Chinese Internet users who saw it as a slight…” Oh yea well prepare to be infuriated again, that is if your commissars will allow you to look at this site; you mindless servile fucks.


And more brain dead outrage from the slave quarters:

“As a Chinese, I felt greatly insulted when seeing this ad…It is not only insulting Chairman Mao, but the whole Chinese nation.” Oh you think thats insulting? Come on! a bunch of fellow-travelers like the french? those euro-pansies don’t have the balls or the imagination to do that. Wait to you commie faggots see what happens when we really try to insult this murdering piece of communist shit.

China, a billion people suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Damned Fools


PISSLam Offended By Fireworks Safetey Ad

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A humorous Dutch fireworks safety ad featuring a comic group of Muslim terrorists has predictably sparked outrage from Muslims. Apparently even safety with fireworks is offensive to the Religion of Perpetual Outrage.

Ice Cream Headache Prevention

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If you have had ice cream; you have probably had an ice cream headache. Each year millions of people suffer from the debilitating effects of ice cream related pain. What is being done to stop this problem? The answer, sadly, seems to be very little. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking to reporters said: “We would have this problem solved, however, because of the presidents tax-cuts for the wealthy and the war in Iraq, there just isn’t enough money to tackle this critical issue.” Product safety activists believe that ice cream headache is the fault of careless manufacturers and distributors of the product. Activist are now calling for more stringent regulation of the ice-cream industry including warning labels on ice-cream and ice-cream type products including sundaes, milk-shakes, popsicles and ice-cream sandwiches. At the forefront of the battle with Big-Ice Cream is Stop Ice Cream Headaches, this Oakland California based group pulls no punches as evidenced by a recent SICH fund raising letter:

“The time has come for regulation of an industry that is out of control. Big-Ice Cream only cares about profits not people. We need strict regulation of this product and we need it now.”

SICH currently is working with House legislators on H.R.9999 the Cold Products Safety and Control  Act. If passed CPSCA will: require warning labels on Ice Cream and Ice Cream Products; a ban on the sale of ice cream to anyone under the Age of 18, and provide funding for research and development of advanced headache-free ice creams.