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Rank Hypocrisy Of The Private-Jet Progressives

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[Thanks to Hot Air for this one]

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO)., CA is in hot water over his private jet usage. Schwarzenegger, who has been crusading against the Global Warming Hoax Crisis is looking like a hypocrite, because he uses a private jet to commute back in forth from his Brentwood mansion to the Governor’s office in Sacramento. The Gov. could move into the 12,000 square foot Governors mansion in Sacramento, but he doesn’t want to leave his more hi-tone mansion in Brentwood.

The guy’s at HotAir say it best:

“…When global-warming Chicken Littles start living as though the crisis actually exists, then the rest of us will start believing it. Arnold could start by dumping the private jet and flying commercial. Even better, he could show a little sacrifice by moving into that 12,000-square-foot shack that the state has to maintain whether he’s there or not. Global warming activists want to limit our own living choices — they can start with their own.”

Fly commercial, with  peasants! Live in that little (12,000 sq. ft.) hovel… How gauche.



Forget something…

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A singer named Fergie? who used to be with something called the ‘black eyed peas;’ where do they come up with these names? Anyway, this character is down in Wellington New Zealand and it seems she forgot to check something before going on stage. See if you can spot it.


And these people think they are qualified to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

Oh yea someone just reminded me this Fergie character is the same one who pissed herself on stage singing something called “Lets Get Retarded,” that sounds romantic.


Maybe she should come up with a song entitled “Where are my Depends.”

Nasty, Mean-spirited, Unfair…You bet!

McGovern, Hollyweird Scum and ACLU Push For Impeachment

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Treasonous POS George McGovern, has kicked his desire for impeachment of the president into high gear. Also jumping on the impeachment bandwagon; ACLU Florida.

“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida has followed the lead of the ACLU of Central Florida, the ACLU of Monroe County Florida, and the ACLU of the Treasure Coast (Florida), all of which followed the lead of the ACLU of Southern California in backing impeachment and calling for the National ACLU to do the same. The ACLU was a prominent supporter of Richard Nixon’s impeachment…” They just won’t get out of that endless 60’s loop.

Joining this human jetsam is Kucinich supporting actor Viggo Mortensen:

“An Impeachment Town Hall Meeting sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) will be held in Manchester New Hampshire this evening with Lord of the Rings Star Viggo Mortensen present. A discussion afterwards will feature panelists that will participate in a Forum on the Separation and Balance of Powers with Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich, AfterDowningStreet,, PDA, activist David Swanson, John Nichols from The Nation magazine, and Mortensen. Online participants can watch the panelists and email questions at from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m ET.”

Late Night Prolefeed To Return January 2nd

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Late night talk-shows hosted by Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien will return to the air on January 2nd 2008, even if the writers
strike has not been resolved. Big deal, I don’t watch anyway, my PC’s screen saver is more entertaining. Really, has anyone noticed that these people are off the air. Anyway, for those of you can’t live with out tired Bush jokes and Celebrity interviews