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When Reason Fails…

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The anti-American leftist attacks on the US Military continue with little or no opposition. In this special report Michelle Malkin details the recent history of leftist/dhimmicrat attacks on the US military, and once again puts the lie to the lefts ludicrous claim that they “Support the Troops.”

That the left hates America and the military is undeniable; that is their right of course, a right paid for in blood by those they hate. Peaceful protest is one thing, but what these bastards are doing is treason. Now the only question is this-what to do about it? Clearly most Americans are unwilling to act against these people in any way other than writing the occasional angry letter. Official outlets are also unwilling to do anything meaningful either. Is it time to take the gloves off with the left, if they continue down this path?

When reason fails…


Gun Camera Footage

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Rather than waste your money on some hollyweird produced shit; Try this great gun camera footage of Heroic USA Forces blasting Islamofascist filth…Great sound track as well…TWO THUMBS UP!


Thanks to Jawa Report