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Zero Tolerance Idiocy…Again

Posted in Free Speech, Gun Grabbers, organized stupidity, RKBA with tags , on March 12, 2008 by ramblingcrusader
Overzealous Zero tolerance policies claim another victim:

The family of a middle school student who was given detention for wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of a gun has filed a federal freedom of speech lawsuit against the school district.

Donald Miller III, 14, went to Penn Manor High School in December wearing a T-shirt he said was intended to honor his uncle, a U.S. Army soldier fighting in Iraq.

The shirt bears the image of a military sidearm and on the front pocket says “Volunteer Homeland Security.” On the back, over another image of the weapon, are the words “Special issue Resident Lifetime License – United States Terrorist Hunting Permit – Permit No. 91101 – Gun Owner – No Bag Limit.”

Little creep should have worn a “Fuck Bush” T-Shirt instead, then he would have been ok.

Officials at the Millersville school told him to turn his shirt inside out. When Miller refused, he got two days of detention.

Only 2 days! what’s this? That little monster should have been frog-marched out of the school in cuffs.

His parents, Donald and Tina Miller of Holtwood, have accused the Penn Manor School District in a lawsuit of violating their son’s First Amendment rights with a “vague Orwellian policy” that stifles both patriotism and free speech.

Patriotism and Free Speech, in a public school! perish the though!

But an attorney for the school district said school must create a safe environment for students in the post-Columbine era, and bringing even the image of a gun to school violates the district’s policy.

“Even the image of a gun…” What the hell do they do about text books with pictures of the Minutemen? Oh wait… never mind, public schools aren’t teaching that stuff anymore.


New Policy: Magic Negro’s middle name is off limits

Posted in Democrats, Free Speech, Satire with tags , on March 1, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

As of 3/1/08 we will no longer use Barack Obama’s middle name (Hussein) or refer to him as BHO or Magic Negro. From now on he will simpy be refered to as B.O. of BO. Hopefully this policy will be satisfactory and not offensive to B.O. Further more BO is a lot easier to right than “BHO” or “Magic Negro”.

Now with this new policy in place we can all  look forward to headlines like this in the near future…

“BO caused a number of people to faint at a campaign rally in California today”.

“BO attacks Hillary”.

“BO visits Farrakhan”.

We hope this new policy is satisfactory to BO….


Ezra Levant Threatened With New Lawsuit

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Ezra Levant is again being threatened with a lawsuit. The instigator is a certain Richard Warman, Warman a former thought control commission goon, has hired a lawyer to go after Levant. Among the completely bizarre reasons Warman lists for suing Levant is this:

“…I dared to call him “anti-racist”, rather than anti-racist…”

You got it, because Levant put the words anti-racist in double quotes, Warman wants to sue him. Apparently Warman is so touchy that he’s offended by just about everything. Of course the reality here has nothing to do with hurt feelings, Richard Warman is con-man who has teamed up with Canada’s thought control gestapo to make money. Little wonder that half the complaints filed with the CHRC are from Richard Warman, Nazi Bastard.

Read the rest of Levant’s post here and Warman’s deranged rantings as well.

CAIR Goes after LGF…Looses

Posted in Free Speech, Islamofascists with tags on February 20, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

CAIR the HAMAS 5th column outfit has been trying to shut down Little Green Footballs. But the CAIR fascists got more than they bargained for, seems LGF is redirecting incoming links from CAIR to sites exposing CAIR’s well known links to to terrorists.

Not exactly what the CAIR fascists wanted…

Neither is this verbal Hammer punch from Pat Dollard…Enjoy.

Update: Lionheart seeking Asylum in US

Posted in Dhimmitude, Eurocide, Free Speech with tags , on February 19, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

Persecuted UK Blogger Lionheart, is now seeking asylum in the US. Lionheart is being persecuted by the UK thought control gestapo merely for speaking out against Islamofascism and police corruption. He was due to be arrested by the local gestapo police on Feb 18th!

‘The offence that I need to arrest you for is ‘Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material’ contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.” Portion of the incredible e-mail sent to Lionheart by UK thought control gestapo.

Happily Lionheart has decided not to surrender and apply for political asylum in the US.

Lionheart whose real name is Paul Ray is a native Briton, and he is being driven from his own home by a pack of fascists all in the name of multiculturalism, insanity! The same people who look the other way when it comes to the ‘hate-speech’ of islamofascists are more than willing to imprison this man for up to 7 years, just for writing a blog!!

Mohammad Cartoons

Posted in Free Speech with tags , , , on January 15, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

Hey we found some of those Mohammad cartoons, you know the ones that caused all the rioting, looting, pillaging and murder. We really should be sensitive and refrain from posting these; WE SHOULD… BE WE WON’T!



Want some more…You got it:


We really should stop…NO


This is the kind of harmless stuff that people are being murdered over. So why are we doing this? After all these cartoons have been out for a while. So why? Because; for one we like piss of Muslims. Secondly (and more importantly) recent incidents involving Lionheart and Ezra Levant, have had a chilling effect on free speech.

We must remind ourselves each and everyday of how precious our 1st Amendment rights are. Further we must be forever on-guard against those who would strip us of that right, all in the name of multiculturalism and tolerance.

Video: Canadian Thought Crime Hearing

Posted in Dhimmitude, Free Speech, PC Bullshit with tags , on January 14, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

Canadian thought control goons go after Ezra Levant over an article critical of Islam.