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Rank Hypocrisy Of The Private-Jet Progressives

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[Thanks to Hot Air for this one]

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO)., CA is in hot water over his private jet usage. Schwarzenegger, who has been crusading against the Global Warming Hoax Crisis is looking like a hypocrite, because he uses a private jet to commute back in forth from his Brentwood mansion to the Governor’s office in Sacramento. The Gov. could move into the 12,000 square foot Governors mansion in Sacramento, but he doesn’t want to leave his more hi-tone mansion in Brentwood.

The guy’s at HotAir say it best:

“…When global-warming Chicken Littles start living as though the crisis actually exists, then the rest of us will start believing it. Arnold could start by dumping the private jet and flying commercial. Even better, he could show a little sacrifice by moving into that 12,000-square-foot shack that the state has to maintain whether he’s there or not. Global warming activists want to limit our own living choices — they can start with their own.”

Fly commercial, with  peasants! Live in that little (12,000 sq. ft.) hovel… How gauche.



Boy Blames Global Warming For… Fainting

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So, Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger (RINO)., CA. is giving a speech in Sacramento, when one of the audience, a kid, faints. The Pansie kid  latter tells Schwarzenegger, he blames his sissy behavior on… global warming. How the hell does that work, skippy? Where you so afraid that the Goreacle would descend up you and smite you because you haven’t talked your stupid parents into living in a hole-in-the-ground?

Meanwhile over in the UK: Energy saving day a flop….

“Matt Prescott, the organiser, who had support from the Esme Fairbairn Foundation, said: “We had problems. There was a change in temperature. If it had been warmer, we would have been happy.” Curse be upon you backslider! You didn’t pray to the Goreacle hard enough! for you penance you must buy 1000 euro’s worth of carbon offsets and burn 3 SUV’s.

“I feel we haven’t been able to get the publicity to get the scale we needed. I would love to do it again with enough publicity to do it better.” That’s the spirit! just keep praying to the Goreacle and pretty soon you’ll have legions of imbeciles, shivering in their darkened hovels.

Tell me this idiots aren’t getting stupider by the minute.

Now fewer hurricanes caused by global warming

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Could you enviroloons make up a story and stick with it…

Remember when the globall wormerning hoaxers where screaming about hurricanes? Katrina was proof positive, the bellowed; there would be more and more violent hurricanes, we where all doomed, the country is going to be washed into the sea! Ok so that hasn’t happened, so whats an enviroloon to do?

Simple, reverse course.

Now they are saying that Globall wormerning is going to cause fewer hurricanes. No kidding…

Global warming could reduce how many hurricanes hit the United States, according to a new federal study that clashes with other research. The new study is the latest in a contentious scientific debate over how manmade global warming may affect the intensity and number of hurricanes.

In it, researchers link warming waters, especially in the Indian and Pacific oceans, to increased vertical wind shear in the Atlantic Ocean near the United States. Wind shear — a change in wind speed or direction — makes it hard for hurricanes to form, strengthen and stay alive.

So that means “global warming may decrease the likelihood of hurricanes making landfall in the United States,” according to researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Miami Lab and the University of Miami.

Hmm Consensus

Res ipsa loquitur

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Global warming loons protest in Maryland…I could go own but, that would be overkill:

Irony defined

How Environuts Get Off

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Did you ever wonder what sort of Auto-Erotic fantasies enviro-nuts have? I really can’t see the Vice-perpetrator AlGore sitting in his palatial mansion having fantasies about Tipper (better than a cold shower ain’t it) .Well, if you are really curious or have nothing better to do? I think I have found the sort of thing that really turns that radical environuts crank.

Better than playboy…

From the history channel website we get this:

Life After People”
“Explore the tantalizing question of whether all the remnants of mankind will eventually disappear from our planet .What would happen to the earth if humans ceased to exist?”


Anyway, you can just imagine some granola-chewing faggot watching this schlock and getting off on it…