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UN Gives Terror Attacks Against Israel Thumbs Up

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Terror attacks are Ok, if they are against Israel. This according to some UN POS named John Dugard:

“..a distinction must be drawn between acts of mindless terror…and acts committed in the course of a war of national liberation.”

That would be true, if the Israeli’s where the invaders, they are not. The Palestinians, however, are.

Dugard, then states that the only way to stop the terror is to give into what he calls the reasonable demands of the Palestinian invaders. I guess in this fool’s twisted brain the total eradication of Israel is reasonable, because that is what the Palestinians want…that and nothing else. Negotiating is pointless.

If you would like to tell Herr. Professor what you think of him, he is part of the faculty at Leiden University…


Office: Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden (Room B1.31)

Post address: Postbus 9520, 2300 RA Leiden


Nazi SOB


WaPo Editor : More Islamic Reporters needed

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Phillip Bennett, managing editor of the Washington Post, had his dhimmitude on full display during a speech at UCI.

Bennett says Americans just don’t understand muslims…

“Six of 10 Americans, according to a 2007 ABC Poll, don’t understand the basic tenets of Islam,” Bennett said.

True, I must confess I am bit perplexed about the whole flogging of gang rape victims and elderly dog walkers thing.

He attributed this to the lack of Muslims working in American newsrooms.

We need more propaganda…

“At the Post I want more Muslim readers and I want more Muslim journalists,” he said

I for one welcome our new masters…hail muslims.

Words poorly translated from Arabic to English are a big source of confusion caused by the lack of Muslim voices in the American media, according to Bennett.

So its kind of like when the Nazi’s used the term ‘endoslung ‘(Final Solution) it really didn’t mean extermination of the Jews, it was just poor translation. If only we’d of had more Nazi’s in the newsrooms back then.

Zeyad Maasarani, 22, a Muslim reporter for California’s most circulated Muslim publication, Southern California in Focus, agrees with Bennett that terms like “jihad,” “madrasa” and “hijab” are a big source of the public’s misunderstanding of Islam.

Oh, so I guess when you are sawing off somebodies head it really means something else…

“Jihad means holy war, which is the definition that most Americans know, but it also means struggle, and valiant attempt,” Maasarani said.

M’kay, so when some medieval fuck blows up a bus full of toddlers…just keep thinking ‘valiant attempt”.
Or when a woman is being beheaded for witchcraft its only a struggle. Feel better now?

Mr. Bennett we are fully aware of Islam and its medieval brutality, there is no confusion here. We don’t need more muslims, there are far to many of them now, also there are  far to many servile leftist shit heads like you running around.

Do the world a favor Mr. Bennett. Shut The Fuck Up.

Maybe it was just art work?

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A former Pace University Student has been found guilty of a thought crime and sentenced to 300 hours of community service…for flushing a Koran.


NEW YORK (AP) — A former Pace University student who twice threw copies of the Koran into a toilet at the school after disputes with Muslims pleaded guilty Monday to disorderly conduct in connection with the incidents.Stanislav Shmulevich, 24, pleaded guilty as part of a deal in which he must do 300 hours of community service. He has completed about 80 hours of the service at a hospital, his lawyer said.Shmulevich, of Brooklyn, admitted he tossed the Muslim holy books into toilets at Pace on Oct. 13, 2006, and Nov. 21, 2006. A criminal complaint says the Koran that was recovered in the October incident “was covered in feces.”
Hey, maybe it was just art work…
In both cases, a teacher found the books in a men’s room on the second floor of the school’s main building in lower Manhattan.
Muslims consider the Koran a sacred writing that contains the direct word of God, and desecrating it is seen as an offense against God.
And that is covered in the NY State Criminal code under what section?
Detective Faisal Khan, who prepared the complaint, said Shmulevich told him “he committed the acts out of anger toward a group of Muslim students with whom he had a recent disagreement.”
I am still waiting to hear what law got broken…
Shmulevich, a business major and immigrant from the former Soviet Union, initially was charged with two counts of criminal mischief as a hate crime. The charge is a felony punishable by up to four years in prison.
With rulings like this he might have been better off staying in Russia.
“His lawyer, Glenn Morak, said he believed the disorderly conduct plea was an appropriate disposition.”
Appropriate in brain-dead , Orwellian Peoples Republic of Al-New York that is.
“There was no hate crime here,” Morak said. “He accepts responsibility, and he is repentant.”
CRIME, WHAT FUCKING CRIME? Unless the 2 pisslamic “Holy” books where university property, there is no crime period and even if, it doesn’t warrant police action. What the fucking hell is going here? Oh wait…never mind, These campus thought control goons are such fucking cowards it makes me nauseous…Now what would be interesting is if someone did the same thing to a bible…no wait, that would be called modern art… never mind.

Update: Lionheart seeking Asylum in US

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Persecuted UK Blogger Lionheart, is now seeking asylum in the US. Lionheart is being persecuted by the UK thought control gestapo merely for speaking out against Islamofascism and police corruption. He was due to be arrested by the local gestapo police on Feb 18th!

‘The offence that I need to arrest you for is ‘Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material’ contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.” Portion of the incredible e-mail sent to Lionheart by UK thought control gestapo.

Happily Lionheart has decided not to surrender and apply for political asylum in the US.

Lionheart whose real name is Paul Ray is a native Briton, and he is being driven from his own home by a pack of fascists all in the name of multiculturalism, insanity! The same people who look the other way when it comes to the ‘hate-speech’ of islamofascists are more than willing to imprison this man for up to 7 years, just for writing a blog!!

You want me to give up what?…for what!

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Dutch Dhimmi’s are at it again, This time they have renamed Lent as the “Christian Ramadan. ” According to Catholic charity Vastenaktie:

“The image of the Catholic Lent must be polished.”Polished? don’t you mean abolished? “The fact that we use a Muslim term is related to the fact that Ramadan is a better-known concept among young people than Lent…”

Better Known? Supposedly there are 4 million Catholics in Holland what they hell are they doing at mass? Anyway, at this point one has to ask; why stop at Lent? Just save time and convert to Islam…Might as well, you’re going to be forced to do it sooner or latter.

Servile Idiots

Islamic Medical Types Spreading Infections

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More medieval stupidity from the Religion of Piss…

From the UK- PISSlamic female medics are refusing to obey hygiene rolls by rolling up their sleeves (they say its immodest). Of course this makes sterilizing your arms next to impossible prior to surgery. Now for you public school folks out there; sterilizing is necessary because you don’t want to give the patient an infection…

If these medieval fucks want to pretend its the 12th century and die from infections… fine… more the merrier, let the bastards die! Unfortunately, thanks to  idiotic multicultural bullshit and brain-dead immigration policies,this problem will probably be coming to a hospital near you…

Sorry kids, mommy is dead, but you see, we just can’t offend these people….

Fucking Idiots

Must read post

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We need to dump the PC bullshit or we are doomed.  On that topic is  an excellent post by breath of the beast.