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Ancient Chinese Secret

Posted in Chicoms with tags , on January 18, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

With the islamofascist threat foremost in our minds it is often easy to ignore another enemy. An enemy that is slowly but surely drawing their plans against us. Of course we are talking about Red China; which currently, is not viewed by the majority of Americans as a threat. Sadly, they could not be more incorrect; Red China is an enemy.

It is prudent therefore to study the ways of this enemy as closely as possible. In studying the Chinese attitude to war you will find an utter rejection of Occidental ideas as they apply to warfare. In the Chinese view, war involves “cunning, deception, misinformation, surprise.” In other words: work smart not hard.


Chicoms Confront USS Kittyhawk

Posted in Chicoms, Military with tags , , on January 17, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

Red Chinese naval forces confronted USS Kittyhawk (CV63) in the Taiwan straights. Looks like The Chicom bastards tried to keep the  USN out and failed. Its getting dicey out there folks; the Chicoms continue to build up their forces at an alarming rate. While the Red Chinese Navy or PLAN  is not a blue water navy yet, however  the Chicoms are working hard on it.

Sooner or latter we are going to have to confront these animals…

Fun with mao

Posted in Chicoms, Jokes with tags , on January 16, 2008 by ramblingcrusader

Uh Oh! French car maker Citroen is in hot water with the chicoms over an advertisement showing an altered photo of genocidal chicom dictator mao zedong (who will never, never have his name spelled correctly here!) .

“The image has been wantonly distorted by the ad’s designers. Mao looks very strange,” Yes genocidal lunatics with the blood of at least 20 million dead on their hands usually do look strange.

“…The scowling Mao had infuriated Chinese Internet users who saw it as a slight…” Oh yea well prepare to be infuriated again, that is if your commissars will allow you to look at this site; you mindless servile fucks.


And more brain dead outrage from the slave quarters:

“As a Chinese, I felt greatly insulted when seeing this ad…It is not only insulting Chairman Mao, but the whole Chinese nation.” Oh you think thats insulting? Come on! a bunch of fellow-travelers like the french? those euro-pansies don’t have the balls or the imagination to do that. Wait to you commie faggots see what happens when we really try to insult this murdering piece of communist shit.

China, a billion people suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Damned Fools