You don’t say : Guns Save Lives…Again

Sexual assaults down by 88%…Burglaries falling…More people carrying guns…That’s right leftist shit heads read it and weep.

[Empahsis mine]

Police in Orlando Fl. began to notice that women where arming themselves in response to an increase in rapes and other crimes. They also began to notice that the crime rate was dropping.

For this reason the Law Enforcement Alliance of America has file an Amicus Brief  with the Supreme court in favor of gun rights.

“Oral arguments in the case are scheduled on March 18, and the LEAA brief is just one of 46 that have been filed on the side of seeking affirmation that the Second Amendment does, indeed, document a right for individuals to own guns in the United States.”

We know that unfortunately the gun grabbing commutards in DC need to be reminded again…Forcefully

The brief notes when the Georgia town of Kennesaw decided to require all residents, with exceptions for conscientious objectors, to keep a firearm at home, home burglaries fell from 66 to 26 to 11 in consecutive years.

Uh Oh and you silly gun grabbers thought that the rate would go up.

“…The brief cites a study that discovered, based on interviews with felony prisoners in 11 prisons in 10 states, one third of the felons had been “scared off, shot at, wounded or captured by an armed victim,” and nearly four in 10 had decided against committing a specific crime because they thought the victim might have a gun.

“Seventy-four percent agreed with the statement that ‘One reason burglars avoid houses where people are at home is that they fear being shot,'” the study said.”

“The brief suggested the nation’s crime rate could rocket should more restrictions be placed on guns.”

More Guns, Less Crime…Enough said!


One Response to “You don’t say : Guns Save Lives…Again”

  1. I love this post. Gun control has always been a fraud. It’s a sad fact that we are always going to have crime. Most criminals are repeat offenders. They know they can get caught, and they know they could go back to prison. That does not deter them. About the only thing criminals are scared of is armed homeowners.

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