Spanish First, Ok, But Not English

Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez has declared war on the English Language.

“President Hugo Chavez’s government is taking its battle against U.S. “imperialism” into Venezuelans’ vocabulary, urging state phone company workers to eschew English-language business and tech terms that have crept into the local vernacular.

Through a campaign launched Monday, newly nationalized CANTV hopes to wean employees and others from words like “staff” (”equipo”), “marketing” (”mercadeo”) and “password” (”contrasena”).

Stickers and banners printed up by the company exhort Venezuelans to “Say it in Spanish. Say it with pride.”

The Communications and Information Ministry said in a statement that Venezuelans must recover Spanish words that are “threatened by sectors that have started a battle for the cultural domination of our nations.”

Other English words targeted include “mouse” (”raton”), “meeting” (”reunion”) and “sponsor” (”patrocinador”) – all of which have become acceptable in business circles in various Latin American countries.”


Spanish first, no problem, try the same thing in English, and Reconquista Quislings like McCain will denounce you as nativist and racist.

If Chavez wants to do this fine, more power to him. What infuriates me, is this attitude from some of these fucking idiots that English first is somehow wrong, damn them. I am sick to death of this idiotic notion that America is not  a sovereign country, but rather some kind of nebulous trans-national zone. That sort of thinking is destroying the country.

Say it English. Say it With Pride!


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