EUROCIDE WATCH: Potential Suicide Bomber Attending School In UK

A 12 year old trained to be a suicide bomber is currently attending school in the UK.

FURY erupted last night after it emerged that a boy of 12 who trained to be a suicide bomber is being allowed to attend school in Britain.

Parents of his classmates are unaware of the Afghan child’s terrifying past. MP Philip Davies said the youngster should be removed from school immediately so a proper investigation can take place into any potential danger he poses.

The Tory MP for Shipley, West Yorks, said: “This boy has had a tragic upbringing through no fault of his own. But there should be a detailed and thorough look at his past and the threat he could pose in the future. I am sure that the parents in the school would be concerned if they were told about it.”

Extremists recruited the boy shortly after his father, a Taliban fighter, was shot dead by British soldiers in a gun battle. One elder told him: “You must avenge his death by becoming a martyr.” During intensive mountain training the youngster learned how to handle explosives and sophisticated detonators. He even went on dummy missions with bags taped to his body.

Taliban fanatics instructed him to wander towards British patrols, pretending to be a tearful lost child, and once surrounded by soldiers – or taken to an Army base – he would blow himself up.

But after weeks of secret training the boy blurted out to his mother what he was doing. She could not bear the thought of losing a son as well as her husband, so worried family members pulled all their resources together and paid for him to be spirited out of Afghanistan to escape the clutches of evil Taliban leaders.

After a traumatic journey across several countries, the boy was smuggled into Britain, probably hidden on the back of a lorry. Later he was questioned by immigration officials in Croydon, Surrey.

They were stunned when full details of the boy’s shocking story emerged. One source said: “There was so much detail that was little doubt he was telling the truth. You could see the terror in his eyes.

“He was being brainwashed to be a suicide bomber and was on the verge of carrying out an attack which would have claimed many British lives…” So naturally you put the little darling into a target rich environment like a school. How stupid are these people?

“The security services have been alerted to the situation and are concerned about the risk of him falling into the hands of Al Qaeda supporters in Britain, who may attempt to force him to become a suicide bomber here…” Wow!

“Patrick Mercer, a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “The progress of this boy through school should be closely monitored…” You Don’t say!

At this point it getting harder and harder to feel any sympathy for the Brits, while  they persist in such mind-boggling stupidity and self-destructiveness.


2 Responses to “EUROCIDE WATCH: Potential Suicide Bomber Attending School In UK”

  1. Where would you have him go to school? I don’t think they have a lot of choice but to put him in school while he’s in Britain, isn’t it the law that kids under a certain age have to go to school?

  2. ramblingcrusader Says:

    I wouldn’t have him in any school, period. This kid has been brainwashed to be a suicide bomber, he needs to be under constant professional supervision until it can be reasonably proven that he his no longer a danger to himself or others.

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