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PETA to Terrorists : “Don’t scare the birds”

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The beyond insane fucks at PETA are all upset because of a terror attack in Sri Lanka. Why is PETA upset you might ask?
Innocent people injured? No that’s not it, PETA is upset with the terrorists because the grenade attack may have startled some birds at the zoo where the attack took place:

[Emphasis Mine]

“…People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, said in a letter dated Feb. 15 to Velupillai Prabhakaran, the reclusive rebel leader, that “the explosive device that was set off near the zoo’s bird enclosures terrified many animals at the zoo.”

“PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk pleaded with the rebel leader “to leave animals out of this conflict,” the letter said.” Yea, kill all the people you want, but don’t scare any birds while you do it.

“Newkirk added that the group has been inundated by messages from people saddened by the attack.”

“There was no immediate comment from rebels to the PETA’s letter.” Probably to busy laughing their asses off !

“The Feb. 3 grenade explosion at the Dehiwala zoo on the outskirts of the capital of Colombo wounded at least four people, the government said. ” But who cares about them.

Attacks including bomb explosions blamed on Tamil rebels have killed about 90 civilians so far this year, according to the military.

But no letters or outrage from PETA over that. Killing people is just fine with PETA, just don’t scare any animals while you do it.

As PETA’s deranged president Ingrid Newkirk has said:

“A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

Deranged worthless fucking piece of shit!

Now, I’m off to shoot some quail.


Only in San Francisco

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An Air New Zealand Airliner dubbed the “Pink flight” took off for the fag/dike Mardi gras yesterday from San Francisco (where else). The plane was adorned with pink eyelashes and a boa. Only in Frisco.

The SF Fag Plane…Makes you kinda sick, don’t it

Oooh you’re a homophobe for saying stuff like that! Shut your hole. I am not phobic about a plane load of Frisco sodomites going to Australia to debauch themselves. I am disgusted by it, I hope they all decide to stay. I also hope New Zealand Air goes out of business over this sick stunt.

Can you imagine poor stewardesses, trying to serve peanuts and whatever while a bunch of queers play grab ass.

Reading List : The Liberal Mind

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Are liberals are insane? Rhetorical question I admit; but have you ever wanted to know more?

In his book “The Liberal Mind” Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D. Examines the liberal mind and why they are the way they are…

“Modern liberalism’s irrationality can only be understood as the product of psychopathology. So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche.” “The Liberal Mind” reveals the madness of the modern liberal for what it is: a massive transference neurosis acted out in the world’s political arenas, with devastating effects on the institutions of liberty. ” – Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.

Probably won’t reveal anything we don’t already know, I just like books.

Pick up you copy today

Spanish First, Ok, But Not English

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Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez has declared war on the English Language.

“President Hugo Chavez’s government is taking its battle against U.S. “imperialism” into Venezuelans’ vocabulary, urging state phone company workers to eschew English-language business and tech terms that have crept into the local vernacular.

Through a campaign launched Monday, newly nationalized CANTV hopes to wean employees and others from words like “staff” (”equipo”), “marketing” (”mercadeo”) and “password” (”contrasena”).

Stickers and banners printed up by the company exhort Venezuelans to “Say it in Spanish. Say it with pride.”

The Communications and Information Ministry said in a statement that Venezuelans must recover Spanish words that are “threatened by sectors that have started a battle for the cultural domination of our nations.”

Other English words targeted include “mouse” (”raton”), “meeting” (”reunion”) and “sponsor” (”patrocinador”) – all of which have become acceptable in business circles in various Latin American countries.”


Spanish first, no problem, try the same thing in English, and Reconquista Quislings like McCain will denounce you as nativist and racist.

If Chavez wants to do this fine, more power to him. What infuriates me, is this attitude from some of these fucking idiots that English first is somehow wrong, damn them. I am sick to death of this idiotic notion that America is not  a sovereign country, but rather some kind of nebulous trans-national zone. That sort of thinking is destroying the country.

Say it English. Say it With Pride!

Montana Gets It Right

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Montana officials have warned SCOTUS; that should it adopt the erroneous position that the 2nd Amendment only protects a collective right of states to maintain militias like the National Guard, then the Feds will be in violation of the Montana statehood contract.

[Emphasis Mine]

“…The U.S. would do well to keep its contractual promise to the states that the Second Amendment secures an individual right now as it did upon execution of the statehood contract” 
Brad Johnson, Montana Sec. of State.

 “…So far, 39 elected Montana officials have signed a resolution declaring that a court ruling of the Second Amendment is a right of states and not of individuals would violate Montana’s compact…

Keep up the good work…

Ezra Levant Threatened With New Lawsuit

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Ezra Levant is again being threatened with a lawsuit. The instigator is a certain Richard Warman, Warman a former thought control commission goon, has hired a lawyer to go after Levant. Among the completely bizarre reasons Warman lists for suing Levant is this:

“…I dared to call him “anti-racist”, rather than anti-racist…”

You got it, because Levant put the words anti-racist in double quotes, Warman wants to sue him. Apparently Warman is so touchy that he’s offended by just about everything. Of course the reality here has nothing to do with hurt feelings, Richard Warman is con-man who has teamed up with Canada’s thought control gestapo to make money. Little wonder that half the complaints filed with the CHRC are from Richard Warman, Nazi Bastard.

Read the rest of Levant’s post here and Warman’s deranged rantings as well.

Irony’s a Bitch

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The FEC warned John McCain that he cannot withdraw from the presidential public financing system, a decision that seriously threatens his ability to raise money until this fall. McCain is such a dullard  he gets tripped up by the very same finance system (CFR) he helped create. All his ‘bipartisan’ deals and chapping his lips on the NYT’s ass are starting to come back to haunt him; It will be interesting to see if McCain figures this out.

Irony’s a Bitch, huh…